The Baroque Spirit — Book 1

Early intermediate — intermediate level. Edited by Nancy Bachus. Includes commentary about the composers and social changes in the era.

— Invention no. 8 in F
— Little Prelude in C
— Musette
Corelli — Gavotte
Couperin — Le Petit-Rien
Fischer — Chaconne
Galuppi — Sonata in A
Grafe — Musette
Handel — Prelude in G Minor
Kirnberger — Invention
Lully — Menuet
Pachelbel — Sarabande
Pescetti — Sonata in C Minor
Purcell — Hornpipe in E Minor
Rameau — Rigaudon no. 1, 2 and Variation
Rameau — Tambourin
Scarlatti — Aria
Scarlatti — Folia
Scarlatti — Sonata in G
— Fantasia
Zipoli — Fughetta in E minor

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